Our Mission

To provide cannabis cultivators who are dedicated to the highest quality production with state-of-the art organic soil products and cultivation methods.


We are committed to delivering the best, simplest to use organic grow system on the market. Finished products using our system are true, top quality medical grade cannabis.

We are committed to leading the way with today’s most advanced organic cultivation technologies to assure medical cannabis users and dispensaries have access to the highest quality, pure organic products.

To this end we guarantee that all ingredients used in our system meet the minimum requirements of the National Organic Program, (NOP) of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), and the Canadian Organic Products Regulations set forth by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).

In my 20 years as a cultivator, having used a variety of different nutrient programs and brands, additives, and special powders and potions, I was skeptical at first about the Destiny Grow System. How much better could an odd collection of organic inputs be compared to the carefully administered synthetic formulations I'd used with such success? Well the results are dramatic, and evident very quickly. Leaves become a lustrous jade green, and flower sites grow and expand at an outstanding pace, with a profusion of trichomes. The flowers feel wet to the touch, with enhanced aroma. With Destiny, I have been able to produce the finest grade of cannabis in my entire cultivation career.

— Michael Martinz, President, Kaneh Bosm BioTechnology Inc.
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The founder of Destiny Biotech, a long time pioneer in organic cultivation and one of the driving forces behind the famed British Columbia cannabis culture, has a 25 year history of research and development of living soil, genetics and grow techniques. As one of the progenitors of “BC Bud”, Jamie’s entries have taken first place the inaugural Harvest Moon Cup Cannabis Competition and three National Cannabis Cups.

With Destiny, he has brought his refined growing system to the world, raising the bar for top-shelf organic cannabis across North America and beyond. But Jamie still finds time for ongoing Cannabis strain research, and will never stop devoting attention to his own cultivation.

Once a farmer always a farmer.


Michael Martinz is an innovative serial entrepreneur with ventures in agriculture/horticulture, high-tech, manufacturing, and alternative energy. He has operated in Canada, the United States, China (including Hong Kong), Africa, and Japan. ••• Over the past two decades, Mike has designed and operated numerous cannabis production facilities, ranging from 100 to 11,000 flowering plants. His focus has been on scientifically developed grow systems and protocols for producing ultra premium grade cannabis.

Martinz is best known in the industry for his co-development of the Centurion machine, a revolutionary cannabis trimming and processing machine, introduced in 2002 and now sold in Canada, US, Europe, and Australia.

In addition to his role co-managing Destiny Biotech, Mr. Martinz holds the position of President of Kaneh Bosm Biotechnology, a CSE-listed public company focused on the Cannabis sector.


Carla Thachuk holds a Masters degree focused on international development through sport. Her 15+ years at the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the Commonwealth Games Canada, along with managing her own business Play it Forward, has proven to be invaluable for her role with Destiny Biotech, managing the operations, supporting sales and marketing programs, and strategic planning.

Working in over 80 countries as a social change entrepreneur at the intersection of the sporting industries and global development, Carla has collaborated with indigenous populations, host communities, local ministries and governments, NGO’s, UN agencies and the public sector. She was responsible for corporate and foundation campaigns resulting in million dollar contributions.


Blaine Favel is from the Poundmaker Cree Nation, where he served as Chief and Grand Chief of the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations. Blaine is the founder of two Canadian firsts: the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority and the First Nations Bank. He was more recently CEO and founder of the One Earth Farms and One Earth Oil and Gas, and served as Chancellor of the University of Saskatchewan. Mr. Favel also holds an MBA from Harvard University and a law degree from Queens University.

The Destiny Story

The Destiny Grow System™ has its roots in the Kootenays of the Southern Interior of British Columbia where the paths of Destiny’s founders first converged.

The mountain men and women in this region are fiercely independent and deeply committed to the emerging organic movement. Even twenty-five years ago, everything that they grew, from their carrots to their medicine had to be organic. Using chemical based nutrients – then popular with cannabis growers in other regions – was not an option.

Fortunately these outdoor gardeners were able to acquire everything that they needed by using products from a local organic fertilizer manufacturer founded by natural soil management specialists in 1990 to meet the increasing need of organic farmers and discerning gardeners in the area.

As one might expect, soon these organic inputs were used in specialized blends and recipes by the region’s cannabis cultivators to produce the highest quality outdoor cannabis on the Canadian market, with that of the dedicated Kootenay growers being the most legendary of all. Over time, their methods spread across British Columbia as other cultivators discovered the superior results from growing organically with these blends. This commitment to natural, organic production played a central role in the creation of what came to be known as the highly respected public brand “BC Bud.”

Since that time however, the landscape for medicinal cannabis production has changed dramatically as cultivators have moved from outdoor sun-drenched mountainsides to indoor basements and warehouses. In this transition, most growers changed their production models towards synthetic chemical-based nutrient and pesticide systems promoted by the hydroponic industry.

There was however one committed cultivator who refused to give up on the organic model – licensed grower and Destiny co-founder Jamie Morrison. Jamie’s research and development on organic inputs was ongoing for years. By adding and removing inputs with continuous testing, a complete system was perfected that was found to be as effective and easy to use for indoor organic production as it was for outdoor growing.

At the time, Jamie’s recipe for the organic grow system was exclusively used for his own production and that of a small number of close licensed associates. In short order, the exceptional quality of Jamie’s end product – in particular the concentration of terpenes created by the system – had begun to receive a lot of attention, so much so that a jar of the product is now known in local circles as “The Jar of Destiny”. 

As word began to spread that the results of using Jamie’s secret recipes and grow system exceeded the yields and quality of any conventional chemical production system, grower pressure for access began mounting, which inspired Jamie to launch Destiny Grow Systems™.

Jamie’s philosophy in developing the Destiny Grow System™ has simply been to assist nature by providing a complete range of nutrients to the soil ecosystem and deliver a perfectly balanced diet to the plants. It’s essentially a biological approach whereby beneficial microbes and fungi in the soils orchestrate improved nutrient flow through complex symbiotic processes to maximize the supply of essential nutrients to the plants. This increases plant vitality to an optimum level allowing nature to fully manifest the DNA of any cannabis strain. The key has been access to highest quality organic inputs and the formulation over time of the ideal combination and application of the system’s elements through stages of plant growth, whether indoor, outdoor in greenhouse.

Now the Destiny Grow System™, developed and perfected for over 25 years with feedback from hundreds of growers, is available throughout North America.  As the sustainability equation becomes more and more important, the Destiny Grow System™ is revolutionizing indoor medicinal cannabis production – as a simple, cost-effective and worry-free method for cultivating high-yielding, connoisseur-quality cannabis organically.