Success or failure in the Cannabis production business begins and ends with a properly designed production facility.

Destiny Grow Systems

DESTINY Engineering Procurement Construction

Brand recognition and customer retention are directly related to a producer’s ability to deliver consistent quality, period. Profitability then becomes a function of reducing and minimizing operational costs, while fine-tuning production parameters to steadily improve on quality and yields.

Enter Destiny EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction), a Cannabis-focused, full-service consulting group.

The principals at Destiny EPC have collectively spent over five decades in the Cannabis industry. This dynamic team has exceptional hands-on experience and an unparalleled depth of knowledge. This experience translates into an intimate understanding that success or failure in the Cannabis business begins and ends with a properly designed production facility. Destiny EPC strives to be the premier production solutions provider for Cannabis entrepreneurs.

Destiny EPC develops state-of-the-art facilities which minimize costs and optimize production levels and quality. Beyond the planning, design and construction of facilities, EPC trains operators, provides ongoing maintenance, and even provides ongoing management addressing every aspect of a production operation.

There is a reason BC Bud is internationally recognized for its quality and potency, in part Destiny’s team grew it! Put that experience to work for your business today!

— Destiny Grow Systems
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Destiny EPC offers a full suite of services, from strategic consultation to turnkey solutions.  These include:

  • development of new facilities from scratch
  • refinement of existing facilities
  • installation of state-of-the-art growing systems including all elements
  • provide or hire and train personnel

Turnkey Solutions

Destiny EPC will work with you from a blank slate to create a world-class production facility.  We will design every element of the facility from floor plan layout, electrical design, mechanical design, production systems, air handling (HVAC), water treatment, automation and monitoring systems, and security.  Upon commissioning of the facility Destiny EPC will train and educate operators to ensure they are intimately familiar with the various systems.  We can also provide ongoing management and personnel training to bring your team up to a world-class standard.

Facility Design

Your team possesses solid Cannabis cultivation experience, however, you need assistance to transition from smaller scale production facilities (100 lights or less) to a world-class production facility.  We can help.  We will cater the facility to your production experience and preferences, while introducing your team to our potent production concepts. 

Facility Audits and Retrofits

Destiny EPC can provide a comprehensive review of your facility and highlight areas which require improvement or alteration. We will retrofit the facility as required, and can design a phased renovation schedule to keep production running during construction. 

Systems Design

Destiny EPC’s team of experts will address the various systems within your facility that may require fine tuning or upgrading, including:

  1. Cultivation systems and protocols
  2. Propagation
  3. HVAC
  4. Floor plans
  5. Automation and Monitoring
  6. Security
  7. Water treatment
  8. Operational protocols and systems
  9. Product drying and curing

Organic Grow Media

Destiny Grow Systems is widely recognized for its unique organic soil blends. Our soil amendments and fertilizers are formulated using only the finest organic and mineral inputs to ensure a complete balance of nutrients for top quality and high yields. Destiny EPC offers complete provision of bulk grow media and can develop large scale custom blends tailored to the grower’s specific needs.


Destiny EPC can provide ongoing facility management as operational supervisors, or head growers.  This can involve a temporary position to train and educate staff, or as a permanent contract position.

Service and Maintenance

Everything within a production facility has a finite lifespan. However, that lifespan can be maximized via regularly scheduled service and maintenance.  Emergency failures can be critical, and regular service can generally prevent disaster from striking.  Destiny EPC develops service and maintenance schedules to ensure your facility operates flawlessly.

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