I have been a grower off and on for over 30 years and until recently was a user of AN nutrients. I had heard about Destiny and gave it a try. WOW am I impressed. The health and vigor of the plants is unlike anything I have seen using salt-based nutrients. The terps are different strain to strain which never happened in the past and I could go into my room and instantly distinguish each one from sight and the density of the buds is crazy. Trichomes are off the chart and talk about sticky!!! And the flavors when smoking are wonderful! I recommend anyone not using this system in your medical grows to give it a try. All the way around it's a money-saver as well!

— Cariboo Niel

We have been using Destiny for over a year now, with huge results on all fronts! Yields, flavour, burn and everything in between has reached new heights very quickly. Everyone that tries our product is always blown away. I am super impressed with the system’s ease of use, but honestly even more impressed with the ongoing support that your team provides. The Customer service and access to current, clear information is unmatched.

— Mike and Kary Richards

The cannabis grown using the Destiny Grow System is by far the best product I can source for my dispensary – the quality of the terpenes, flavonoids and buds are second to none.

— Jeff Gaudette, MMJ Total Health Care

The Destiny organic grow system is easy to follow and provides the plant the natural defences it needs to resist pests and other issues including powder mildew. The plants are so healthy they basically take care of themselves. The Destiny system is a world class formula for success and meets the Gold Standard we demand.

— Ross Rebagliati

In my 20 years as a cultivator, having used a variety of different nutrient programs and brands, additives, and special powders and potions, I was skeptical at first about the Destiny Grow System. How much better could an odd collection of organic inputs be compared to the carefully administered synthetic formulations I'd used with such success? Well the results are dramatic, and evident very quickly. Leaves become a lustrous jade green, and flower sites grow and expand at an outstanding pace, with a profusion of trichomes. The flowers feel wet to the touch, with enhanced aroma. With Destiny, I have been able to produce the finest grade of cannabis in my entire cultivation career.

— Michael Martinz, President, Kaneh Bosm BioTechnology Inc.